Elazael was one of the twelve seraph Faerers. She was of the tribe of Chavisaery, one of the darkest tribes. She had night black skin, her hair the "soft rose of sunrise". Her eyes, it was said were lighter than it seemed they should have been, and startling. She was among the Six that accidentally released the Cataclysm. Once returned to Meliz's neighboring world (Eretz) with the survivors and the veil closed, she, along with the other surviving three of their former Six was mutilated. The four of them were beaten, wings torn off at the joints, and cast out to Eretz's neighboring world, Earth. She was cast through the portal over the Patagonian Andes Mountains.

It is discovered that she married a human later, and had children. Their descendants formed a sort of cult in her, "The Handfast of Elazael." Every daughter of the line was christened with the name, and after puberty, if she had no signs of the power of Elazael, she was renamed. This "power" was the maps and memories of the Cataclysm and the Faering encoded into their anima, their soul-thread. The human mind however, cannot handle the information and essentially crashes. The "gifted descendant" goes insane. Except for Eliza Jones, who through Zuzana and Mik is brought to her seraph form, and therefore Elazael's maps and memories.