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Eliza Jones is a 24-year-old research fellow who works at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. She is roommates with Gabriel Edinger.


Eliza is beautiful girl, with large, light brown eyes that contrasts with her dark, smooth skin, she has black hair,and full lips.


Zuzana describes Eliza as fascinatingly awesome and cool.


Eliza, born Elazael, was supposed to be a prophetic child. She was worshipped in a cult when she was younger but ran away at seventeen. For seven years, she lived alone because of her same nightmares—beasts tearing at the sky and coming down upon her.


Dreams of Gods & MonstersEdit



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"Wasn't that what religions did? Squint at each other and declare, 'My unprovable belief is better than your unprovable belief. Suck it.'"






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