She is twice Issa’s weight—thick as pythons beside a viper, bull-necked and burly, but still deadly quick and equipped with venomous fangs as well as the incongruity of bat wings. Unlike Issa, she doesn't have snakes writhing around her body.


Even though Lisseth is a Naja like Issa, she is not as kind-hearted. She mocked Karou because she was not chimaera and even flashed her hamsas at Liraz and Akiva for fun.


Lisseth and Nisk are both strict followers of Thiago. They are his lieutenants and knows a lot about him.


Days of Blood & StarlightEdit



Nisk is her partner.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • "Pray you never do,” added Lisseth helpfully when Orit taunted.
  • “So worried,” she said in a nasty hiss. “Are you chimaera, or are you human?”
  • Lisseth. Or, as Karou now liked to think of her: future enjoyer of curd. It took every ounce of her self-restraint not to turn, look the Naja in the face, and say, “Moo.”







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