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The Warlord is the leader of all chimaera, who makes his seat in the capital city of Loramendi. A thousand years ago, he lead the chimaera in a brutal slave revolt against the seraphim of Astrae that freed the chimaera and allowed them to reclaim the lands taken from them by the Seraph Empire. He was established as the unifying leader of the chimaera resistance during the war. His gonfalon displays stag antlers with leaves growing out of them, symbolizing new growth.


The Warlord has the head of a stag. Since he still possesses the body he was born in, he is very elderly-looking.






Daughter of Smoke & BoneEdit


Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

Akiva remembers how The Warlord was killed at the hands of Joram and his men after the destruction of Loramendi.



Memorable QuotesEdit

Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

  • "You could look out the window today, see the sky raining fire, and say that it has all been for nothing, everything we've ever done, because now we've lost. But folk were born and lived and knew friendship and music in this city, ugly as it is, and all across this land that we fought for. Some grew old, and others were less lucky. Many bore children and raised them, and had the pleasure of making them, too, and we gave them that for as long as we could. Who has ever done more, my friend?" - Chapter 65, pg. 389







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