Virko is a ram-horned chimaera. A survivor of the seraphim onslaught that decimated Loramendi and most of the chimaera population, he is now a member of Thiago's rebel force.


Virko's body is powerful and feline, with spikes on the back of the neck.[1] He also has ram horns - which remind Karou of Brimstone.






Days of Blood & StarlightEdit

Virko meets Zuzana Nováková and Mikolas Vavra while the two humans are staying at Kasbah. He attempts to play Mik's violin, but fails, producing a horrible noise that resonates throughout the area. When Amzallag, Tangris, and Bashees defy Thiago by siding with Karou, Virko reluctantly follows the White Wolf's orders to kill them and dispose of their corpses in the Pit.

Dreams of Gods & MonstersEdit




Memorable QuotesEdit







  1. Dreams of Gods & Monsters Chapter 6, pg. 68

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